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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best Quote Ever

I mentioned to Joe (we're being more conscious about our meat consumption these days) that he could get organic sausage or bacon for tonight's perogie dinner if went to Atwater Market, which is about a kilometer further than the IGA. His response was: It's too cold to be moral.

Fair enough. At minus 26 with the wind chill, I'm tempted to agree.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You're Smart, You Know That?

It's happened to me, more than once, to have someone turn to me, look rather honest and say, "you're really smart, you know that?" Not in some many words. More awkwardly, or quickly or something. But more or less that. It happened to me today.

Does it happen to everybody? Not because I'm interseted in knowing whether I'm smarter than other people (I am, but I'm also stupider than a GRRREAT many others), but because I'm interested in the kind of people who make these confessions, accusations of intelligence. Is it about complicity? "We're smart, but not everbody is. We've got something in common."

I think it's about complicity. I think it's the secret handshake of my intelligence bracket (it's a spectrum, I know, but the purpose of conversation...): not smart enough to exist exclusively in subtlety (booze doesn't help), but smart enough to know when they've got company. Bonjour.