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Friday, April 28, 2006

half-assed attempt at lesbian fiction

she was thin, short. skin the colour of french pastry, as though she'd brushed with a thin coat of egg whites, milk, and had been left to bake in a warm oven. she was golden. her eyes were dark, glistening. her hair was darker, pinned half-up with short tendrils flirting with her forehead. she paced nervously, had great bones. katherine.

brett was taller, heavier. greasy hair brushed back into a lazy braid. she glowed, floated through the room, gave out smiles like business cards. smelled of beer and french perfume. smoked incessantly. chewed on her cuticles. they met in the bathroom.

katherine emerged from the bathroom stall to find brett bent over the bathroom counter. they shared a brief, nervous conversation, a few lines. spent an hour apart and reconvened. katherine sat on the counter swinging her legs. brett stepped up to her, smiled. katherine lowered her eyes, blushed. they struck up a conversation.

after several minutes and a few smiles brett nudged her way a little closer, leaning in to whisper, pretending the music to be too loud. hello, she said, barely audible, breathing on her neck. katherine sat up. louder this time, she asked, are you here alone? katherine, who'd been nursing a plastic cup of draught stopped and stared...tbc