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Sunday, June 18, 2006

the country game

it doesn't necessarily have to be about countries -- it could be capital cities, or animal names or, well, a lot of things. if you're ultracool you could use indie band names. point is, whatever you choose to use, it's a handy distraction when waiting in line somewhere with friends. each person has to offer a word that begins with the last letter of the previous word. as in:

A: canada
B: argentina
C: armenia
D: does every damn country name end in A?
A: no, dumbass
D: um...hint anyone?
A: think sand. the war against terror.
D: iraq?
C: it has to start with A, moron
D: oh, right. um...
A: afghanistan. let's get on with it. nigeria
B: not fair. is this line getting any shorter?

seriously, it's fun. especially if you prepare ahead of time.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Iraq could almost start with an 'A' if you were nervous because a really smart and hott chick asked you to play an I'm-going-to-successfully-make-you-look-stupid-game.

I'm posting anonymous so no one knows the identity of the stupid girl who had a brain fart.