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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

karen kain dances like a war fairy

if you have ever taken an art class you will remember what it is to be asked to draw a person without lifting your pen from the paper. remember that and imagine a dancer, a woman with breasts and spirit, moving her limbs, muscles strained.

i have a book of her. a coffee table book stolen from a dusty pile in my mother's house. the photos are black and white, all of them. karen's hair is tucked neatly into a bun. her legs are longer than measurement. and the pictures are simple, plain. a woman dancing. why then, is it so erotic, so moving, so interesting to see her on a glossy page?


Caitlin said...

Hey kate
Some dude from the national ballet called me to offer me a subscription for $174 and I'm considering getting it because it would be a nice treat to go to the ballet on a regular basis. But I don't know if I would use it! Anyways, I got your message on Wednesday Fernie had to come over because my air conditioner fell out of my window onto my balcony. It still works though but I was pretty scared and couldn't lift it myself.
I'll talk to you soon,
Caitlin What are you doing this weekend?