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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

evie christie's genius and the successes of graeme truelove

so much the better says mister truelove of my newly acquired love for hacker-pschorr. one of my favourite sayings, though i'd forgotten about it. climbing the stairs leading from finch station to the surface, a keyboard rendition of Für Elise nearly strangles me. as though i wasn't short of breath to begin with. beethoven is a very unhappy dead man at this moment. digress from ludwig. dwell on mister truelove for a moment, his condominium bid, his new appointment. imagine ottawa, security, stability, grass. focus. evie christie's genius hits me over the head like a blunt object in the midst of a conversation i was having, despite myself, with myself. i am trying very hard not to mouth words in public. definitely something to avoid. back to elaborate self-torture using lives of other people as whips. jelena madunic. wonder if she's been accepted to law school. speaks four languages, has long hair. extra-curriculars. sarah tessier. arch enemy and intern at quebec national assembly. painful. laurie roberts. organized, rarely hungover, committed, thin. it hurts. matt johnston. flown to new york for an interview. at least i get a ride from finch. i love this game.